Leaders and other warriors referred to Napoleon to being "Worth 40,000 Men" on the battle field. Leaders and Kings that he overthrew, referred to him as "The Corsican Ogre". Napoleon annexed or "incorporated" four other nations besides France into his empire. Some of which being the Netherlands, Belgium, and parts of Italy and Germany. In 1812, Napoleon's empire finally grew to it's greatest extent. In his attempt to take over Russia, there were great loses. The french dictator brought with him a great 600,000 troops to overwhelm the Russian empire. Napoleon ended the battle with a whopping 20,000 troops alive. Keep in mind that he began with over 600,000. That one war ended with 580,000 deaths on the French side alone. The United States triggered the war of 1812 as a result of the incidents with Napoleon and his intentions. After the war, Prussia, Russia, and Austria all reluctantly signed a peace treaty initiated by Napoleon. The Napoleonic code abolished the Holy Roman Empire. Napoleon replaced the king of Spain with his own brother in the continues conquest to control as many nations as he can. Napoleon started thesse sort of "reforms" to try and undermine the Spanish-Catholic church.