In 1848, nationalism was crushed by the government. At 18 years old, Francis Joseph inherited the Hapsburg throne. Ferenc Deak worked out a compromise that that created a new political power, that was called Dual Monarchy. Austria and Hungary were both a monarchy as well. Austria and Hungary had there own constitution and parliaments but Joseph ruled them both. Both states shared ministers of finance, defense and foreign affairs but they were independent in every thing else. Ottoman and the Hapsburg ruled a multinational empire. Ottomans ruled from eastern Europe and the Blakins to Northern Africa and the middle East. The Ottoman Empire was also often referred to as "The Sick Man Of Europe". The siezure of land by Austria-Hungary, Britain, and France caused a series of wars and crisis that eventually lead up to the first biggest upset of the world; WWI. In the 1900's, the land was taken over, was known as, "Balkan Powder Keg". Before the upsets, somewhere within the 1830's, Greece and Serbia both won there independence.