Trade Routes

Emerging Global System

"Dangerous Trade Routes" in Eastern Hemisphere

Portugal, Great Brittan, France, Spain and Netherlands(Dutch) fight over island with valuable resources. Afonso De Albequerque Portuguese commander crushed Arab fleets at sea. Portugal took east Indies port of Malacca massacring the Muslims of the city. Portugal was small in size and numbers but their Shipboard cannons were unmatched. They fought over control of Malacca(Spice Islands). What other examples are there of this type of emperialistic action?

Dangerous Trade Routes in Western Hemisphere
The European powers fought over Spanish America for it's gold and silver and to make discoveries to make a name for themselves. Mexico had abundance of gold and silver. Who ever got control of it would be a rich country. Many people called Mexico, "City of gold in the America's". Columbus was the finder of the. " New World ". When he traveled he made trade routes safer by making them shorter. When he returned, he brought fame and riches to Spain who finance his voyage. How did this shape the Western Hemisphere?

New Products & Opportunities
During the Renaissance, Italy created minds set out to transform their own age. Their era they felt was a time of rebirth after what they saw as the disorder and disunity of the medieval world. Renaissance thinkers had a reawakened interest in the classical learning of Greece and Rome which medieval scholars had preserved. They continued to use Latin as the Language of the Church as well as for scholarships.

New Products & Opportunities
1500 french fishing ships cross the Atlantic ocean for religion and riches and different opportunities.

Triangle Trade Route across the Atlantic linked Europe, Africa, the Americas
  • The first leg linked Europe and Africa. Europe brought guns, cloth and cash to Africa and the African merchants traded these items for slaves.
  • The Second leg or the "Middle Passage" was between Africa and the Americas, Africa transported slaves to the Americas for sugar and molasses.
  • The final leg was from the Americas to Europe, sugar, molasses, cotton, furs, salt fish, and rum was sent from the Americas to Europe where they were made into manufactured goods to start the triangle over.
  • Triangle Trade Route made the shipbuilding industry thrive.
  • Farming, fishing and sugar processing became highly profitable.
-due to fur trading the french lived from the great lake all the way to the Mississippi.

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