The Expulsion of Muslims and Jews from Spain

-Background info. on Spain
In the past Spain has been ruled by Muslims and Jews. Among the three religions there was a lot of fighting and issues. They did a lot of disagreeing. On issues they never came to a compromise or anything. Spain was focused around the Catholic Church. So they ran the government and forced Catholic religion on everyone.

-Background info. on the Muslims and Jews
Catholic Orthodox is a part of the Catholic Church. In time there was a disagreement and there was a split in the Catholic Church. They remains the original Roman Catholic Church and then there is Catholic Orthodox. The Catholic and the Orthodox have different ideas of the way things should be run. Like the Catholic Church they forbidded men to marry and be priest. On the other hand the Orthodox allows priest to marry. Although they do and stand for the same thing they just have different ideas on how things should have been run.

-What happened
The Spanish Inquisition was a Catholic ecclesiastical tribunal established in Spain in 1478. When Spain was trying to get the Muslims and Jews out of Spain. the Catholic kingdoms of Northern Spain began taking control of Muslim territories in a process known to historians as the Reconquista. The last Muslim city - Grenada - fell to them in 1492. The same year that Spanish Jews were expelled from the country, and Spain was ruled in its entirety by Catholics.
By the government and Catholic Church people forcing Catholic religion among everyone

-Why it happened
The Spanish government and the religious officials spread the need for a pure and unified Spanish-Christian race, forbidding intermarriage between Christians or converts and Jews, which would destroy their ideal of purity of blood. The ideal is that the Jews were either killed or driven out of the country. But when the Spanish Inquisition was finally over in the early 19th century, many people where practicing Jews were still living in Spain. The Spanish Inquisition was a Catholic ecclesiastical tribunal established in Spain in 1478.

-How Spain made them leave
Spain was trying to get the Muslims and Jews out of Spain they were very violent and they did many things to get people out and they attempted a few murders and there were many assaults on the people of Spain.
There was lots of hatred between Jews and Christians which led the inquisitors to believe that there actions saved Jews from the hideous fate awaiting them in the underworld; since the Jews were dying at the hands of God's children, their spirits would be spread by the wisdom and knowledge of God's followers, and they would be spared from hell and rise to heaven. In the 13th-century people who only had a religious education were blind by faith.

-Causes and effects
cause- Through out time Christians, Muslims, and Jews have always fought for control of Spain, or the being the main religion. The Christians were getting tired of it and at last just took control and got rid of the Muslims and Jews. Christians getting rid of them was known as the Expulsion of Muslims and Jews from Spain.

-End Result
On July 15, 1834 the Spanish Inquisition was abolished. Regent Maria Cristina de Bordon signed the Royal Decree that abolished this. Also helping to abolished this was having majority of Isabel ll and adding the approval of the president of the Cabinet Francisco Martinez de la Rosa. There has been many books and stuff wrote about what happened.


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