Christianity to America

Through colonization's European nations brought Christianity to the indigenous peoples of the Americans.

Many Catholics, including Sir Thomas Moore, refused to accept the Act of Supremacy. The ones who did not accept it were executed. Many Christians protested such acts. In the 1500's, the renaissance in northern Europe sparked a religious upheaval that affected Christians at all levels of society. Late middle ages, the Catholic Church had become caught up in worldly affairs.

In 1517, a Revolt happened after protests against the church abuses. John Calvin challenged the Catholic Church as well. Calvin set up a theocracy.

Martin Luther was a German monk. Martin Luther wrote 95 Theses, arguments, against indulgences.
1600's, English Calvinists sailed to America to escape persecution. People followed a rigorous program of strict discipline, through religious training, and absolute obedience to the Church. People make reforms that became known as compromise between Protestant and Catholic practices.

The Spanish, French, and British brought Roman Catholicism to the colonies of New Spain, New France and Maryland and Northern Europeans brought Protestantism.

Anglicanism, the Baptist Church, Congregationalism, Presbyterianism, Lutheranism,Quakerism, Mennonite and Moravian church were the first to settle to the US spreading their faith in the new country.The earliest Christians in the United States were Spanish Roman Catholic settlers in
Puerto Rico.
-The english came to america so they could start a new life and for religious freedom.
-The spanish came by mistake they wanted to find a quicker way to get to India to trade.
Christianity was brought to the americas during the period of English Colonization.

. The Spanish, French, andBritish brought Roman Catholicism to the colonies of New Spain, New France and Marylandrespectively, while Northern European peoples introduced Protestantism.

The Dutch were Christians who settled in the colonies along with the spanish and they also settled
with the english they all showed up on the may flower
the setled on the lower parts of the east colonies.

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