The Project
World History and Geography, as defined by the Michigan Department of Education, is a large, expansive curriculum. It demands the study of all of the world cultures, nations, religions, and civilizations from the beginning of time to the present, including all of the conflict and interaction between them.

In order to help students with this study, the World History and Geography High School Content Expectations (HSCEs) were created dividing this curriculum into five "eras"*:

To make our study of this content more fulfilling, we have divided the class into five groups and each team has devoted their time to one of the five eras. Within these groups our main goal is to compile a complete explanation of that era that includes a general description and more defined and detailed content that satisfies the the individual expectations within each era. This "online wiki-textbook" will provide the class with an organized method of study that can be used to tackle the course.

* The Eras for the HSCEs begin at Era 4 because Eras 1-3 comprise the bulk of the expectations for grade 6 and 7 social studies.
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